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Darla is correct, 3S Trap written by George Cook is by far the best program available to run ATA Shoots. The Tech Support is fantastic. If you have a problem during a shoot, you can always get George on the phone, and he can either tell you what you are doing wrong, or if there is something he needs to fix in the program, he will fix it, and e-mail you the fix in 15 to 30 minutes for you to download and install, and you are back up and running. You can't beat that kind of service. I will never go back to the dos program ShootCompute written by Steve Heyer. I feel you can not go wrong if you will spend between $300.00 & $400.00 to purchase 3S Trap.

Thanks, Helen

3S hands down for three reasons:

1) Windows compatable -- RJ still runs on DOS 2) User friendly -- not perfect, but a lot easier to use than RJ. All point and click 3) Support... I have called George on weekends and he always has time to answer my questions, even though most of them could be answered if I would thumb through the very well referenced user's manual. He know the program inside and out and has been able to help me even when he was not in front of a computer. E-mail me if you want any more comments...

I have not used RJ Stuarts program, but then again why would I want to? George's 3S is an incredible piece of software! The support is also the best. If you haven't used 3S for your tournaments you are doing way too much work! Keep up the Good work George.

Tim Rawerts

George, it all comes down to this. If you are running a DOS PC and don't care about ever getting program upgrades and have a really old printer (and still can get supplies for it), go with RJ's. If you want to run on any Windows based PC, 3S is the only way to fly. I have used both and would recommend your program "hands down" over the other program.

I'm pretty sure that the # of updates is due to improvements George has made at the request of the overly demanding cashiers in his vendor list. LOL Seriously, George has always listened to my concerns or just "wants" and responded quickly. I hope I don't have to work a 15+ event shoot anytime soon, and I don't think that very many are that large. We have 13 events at the Texas State shoot and no problems with 3S. Shootcompute (unless it's been changed in the last years since we went with 3S), was a pain in the butt. Dot matrix printers, limited events, weird reporting if more than 12 events and all in DOS! Try to find Steve and then try to find George. No contest. I've never failed to reach George and in a pinch (bug in a new update a couple years ago) he emailed the fix to me right then. Such a pleasure to do business with, aside from the fact that he's just a nice person generally.


I just used this program extensively for the first time this past weekend and it is SO EASY to use! Entering shooters is a snap, even a new shooter who does not yet have an ATA #. I even had an error message come up because I accidently entered a shooter on squad 2.3 instead of 3.2. 3S pointed it out to me and it was easy to see the error and easy to fix. Options payouts print up quickly and cleanly. All the reports the ATA needs from the shoot are printed out. Tim

Another kudos to George of 3S... had to call (again) concerning a day's payout and a printer jam I had occur. One quick phone call and bada-bing, started printing payout checks right where the jam left off. Can't wait for Version 8!


I used RJ Stuarts program for a number of years. It was good, damn good. But here are the issues I had with it. 1. Customer support, as was stated before, Bob can be an extremely difficult man to deal with. There were times he was very helpful, but when it come to updating or asking a simple question, most of the time he was down right ignorant. 2. Updates, there was none to be found, since the one posted on the ATA web site. 3. Windows, and old DOS programs just dont mix. and I cant find my copy of DOS 6.2 anymore. 4. Networking, He expected me to pay that much money for an outdated networking system, he is abso-freaking-lootly bonkers.

His program was originally purchased to make our little club as efficient as the bigger clubs, After seeing the operation at the PSSA, it was a must, I wanted all those bells and whistles, but he was just too dern expensive. But with the reasons, stated above, he pushed me away from it. (BTW, I still have it) I have been using 3S for the last 2 years, and I cannot wait to get version 8. I also know Mike from presquad/lite-release personally, and with he and George, working to the future with how can we go wrong. George is always open to suggestions, and one hell of a nice guy to talk to on the phone. I am sure there are other things that we can get George to do, that us picky cashiers, and even pickier trapshooters will nitpick until he does so. George, Thanks for one hell of a product!