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3S League Software System

3S League Software System, as is, so please don't ask for changes. It is a Windows program that will run on Windows 7 (32 bit) but it will not work on Windows 7 (64 bit).


Trap Shooting Demo Version 5.00

This download is a Demo Version of the 3S Trapshooting Software. This is Version 5.00 of the Trap Shooting Software and is given here as a demo of the system which will allow you to look at the system and determine if this is what you need for your tournament needs. Bear in mind that this is an older version (Latest Version is 8.00). There are certain portions of the system which are disabled but you can enter shooters, print reports and run the payoffs. This file is fairly large so you should have a high speed connection when downloading this file.



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3S_T1 VER 11.2 BLD

3S TRAP 5 VER 2 BLD 1.1.8

Our new TRAP 14 Version for Trap Shooting tournaments will handle up to 14 Days and up to 24 Events with each event capable of having up to 200 targets. This is to be our ONLY Trap Shooting Cashiering System offerd by 3S. It is simply too dificult to keep two versions in sync. The next build update of the Standard version will allow users to either use Manual Squading or Computer Squading. Users of the previous 7 Day and 14 Event system can still download and update the Trap 11.2 system.


Scores Tracker Software

This download is a product that is used to track any number of shooters scores and keep track to each shooters average. Although it will allow you to track Sporting Clays and Skeet scores it was developed for Trap Shooters. This link used to be a demo version of the Scores Tracking System but I have decided to offer the full version as a free download. I am so darn busy with the Trap Shooting Software that I simply decided to offer this product free. I hope that you enjoy it.


Trap Shooting Quick Start Document

Quick Start Document

This download is a document which outlines the setup procedures for installing and starting the 3S Trap Shooting Demo System.

Borland Database Engine (BDE)

Borland Database Engine

This download is the program that allows the 3S software to locate the database when running any of the 3S shooting systems. This program is a part of the Install CD and you should not have to download this unless you have lost the CD. When running on a network and you want to have the programs on the server only, this is the only thing that you need to install of the client PC's. This will then allow the Client PC to locate the 3S database on the server.